Explanation of EFCA Ministerial Credentials

1.    Understand the purpose of a ministerial credential:

  • To affirm (not bestow) God’s call upon your life
  • To verify that you meet the qualifications and standards for ministry in The Evangelical Free Church of America
  • To approve you for ministerial service of the EFCA
  • To provide legal status in the exercise of your ministry (the IRS looks for a nationally recognized credential; in this case the EFCA)

2.    Understand that every credential is the property of the EFCA and is given to a candidate “in trust”.

3.    Understand that three entities will be involved in your credentialing process.

– The Local Church affirms the call and character of the candidate

– The District Board of Ministerial Standing examines the theological health and
proficiency of the candidate.

– The National Board of Ministerial Stranding verifies the local and district
recommendations and issues the credential.



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