Church Planting Residents can be supported through any of the following:

  1. Individual support raising.                               
  2. Part time job. (Example: Starbucks-20 hours per week provides health insurance).
  3. Stipend from the residency church or churches. (Example: Pueblo, Canon City, Rye)
  4. District Support. After the resident is approved to be an RMD church planting resident the district will give them $15,000 for the year of residency paid out in monthly installments. $3000 of this amount is available for moving expenses and costs such as a computer, deposit on a house or apartment, etc.

After they are approved to launch they will receive an additional $15,000 for the 1st year after the launch, which will be paid out in monthly installments. A pre-requisite for this second $15,000 is that the planter must have completed his licensing thesis and been approved by the counsel.

At the completion of the first year of the launch (2 years from the beginning of the residency), the church plant will begin to tithe back the $30,000 to the startup fund. Example: If the church brings in $100,000 the 2nd year $10,000 will be paid back into the fund. This will continue until the $30,000 is paid back. If the planter does not want to receive funds from the district they will begin paying the Fair Share according to the policy for becoming a church.

Church multiplication bonus: If the church plant launches another church within 5 years of beginning $15,000 will be given back to them for the start of the new church, and the other $15,000 will be in the startup fund to help start other churches. The qualification for the new church launch is $50,000 and 10 families from the church plant to start the new church.

When this money is paid back to the startup fund the church will begin to give the Fair Share Amount: 1% National, 2% district, and 2% start up fund.