Ethnic Church Planting

Demographic RealitiesIMG_0133
  • Black Hills, SD Ethnicity: 77.4% Anglo, 14.3% Native American, 3.5 % Hispanic
  • Colorado Ethnicity: 69.7% Anglo, 20.9% Hispanic, 4.3% Black, 2.9% Asian
  • Wyoming Ethnicity: 85.5% Anglo, 9.1% Hispanic

Hispanic population growth and immigration are the reason the U.S. is growing in population. The nations are coming here! We must be intentional!

There are several ways to be involved
  • A Church within the Church
  • A Multiethnic Church
  • Partner with an Ethnic Church
  • Sponsor a Church in a different location
  • You can Parent or Partner
The Process


What the RMD Ethnic Planting Team can provide:
  • Recruited and assessed Planters
  • Coaching and training for planters
  • Church Planting resources
What you can do to partner:
  • Prayer support
  • Short term teams to help the planter
  • People recruited to join the plant core team
  • Resources, equipment
  • One time or on-going financial support