Church Planting Residency Explained

The RMD Church Planting Residency program is for leaders who sense a calling to church plant and are looking to gain personal, on-the-job training and experience in a multiplying church planting church.

THE PROGRAM will last from 10-12 months and will have the following focus:

Building Your Leadership Foundation:

  • Developing Intentional Living Habits
  • Developing a Personal Growth Plan
  • Understanding Your Unique Design & Calling

Building Your Leadership Philosophy:

  • Developing Your Philosophy of Ministry
  • Determining a Church’s Unique Calling

Building Your Leadership Skill Set:

  • Disciple Making
  • Multiplying Leaders
  • Evangelism
  • Creating a Culture of Prayer
  • Communicating Vision
  • Developing a Healthy Leadership Community
  • Preaching & Teaching
  •  Leading a Team of Elders
  • Creating a Culture of Generosity
  • Church Planting Strategy
  • Credentialing
  • Developing Evangelism and Gathering skills through a part time job in the marketplace



  • Be an ad-hoc member of the pastoral staff team.
  • Experience a variety of opportunities to lead, speak, and teach.
  • Be assigned a coach.
  • Be regularly assessed.
  • Be expected to give at least 20 hours.
  • Participate in at least one national conferences.
  • Participate in the monthly HCN meetings as well as the district fall summit and annual conference.

APPLICATION PROCESS Each residency candidate must submit an application which details:

  • Ministry experience.
  • Description of calling to church planting.
  • Theological and philosophical alignment.
  • Detailed personal profile information.

In addition, each candidate will need to sign the RMD Church Planting Residency Covenant.


FINANCIAL SUPPORT Church Planting Residents can be supported through any of the following:

  • Individual support raising
  • Part time job. (Example: Starbucks-20 hours per week provides health insurance).
  • Stipend from the residency church or churches. (Example: Pueblo, Canon City, Rye) The host church will view the resident intern as a contracted employee and give them a W9 form to fill out for tax purposes. All funds that come in from support raising will be come through a pass through account set up by the host church. This does not need to be part of the church’s budget. Our district bookkeeper is available to assist each church in setting this up.
  • Monthly assistance from RMD Church Planting Start Up Fund to be distributed at the end of each quarter of the residency year based on faithfulness in completing assignments and ministry at the church. The range of this support to will be determined by the Church Planting Director in cooperation with the residency church pastors involved. It will be as follows:   $250-$333.33 per month or $750-$1000 per quarter.
  • At the completion of the residency if the planter is approved to plant by the district and the sending church or churches, the district will provide support for the planter as they begin planting (1st year-$1000 per month) (2nd year-after achieving goals + 25 committed adults-$1250 per month).

WHAT TO EXPECT when your residency is completed:

  • Near the end of your residency you will be re-assessed for placement as a church planter within the Rocky Mountain District.
  • Dependent upon your assessment you may be supported and sent to plant by your residency church or by the district.
  • Regardless of your assessment you will be coached in developing an on-going Personal Growth Plan.

Thank you for considering this ministry opportunity. Please be in prayer along with your leaders to see if the Lord would have you be a part of this residency ministry.