Church Planter Application

Church Planting is the work of Christ in you and through you. It is not to be taken lightly. Our desire in beginning a relationship with you is to help you discern the Lord’s leading in your life, to determine proper fit, and to be a part of the Lord’s continual refining process in your life as you continually ask Him to “re do me”.

The following are the steps we take a bringing a new planter on board:


Let us know your level of interest, a little about your vision, about your desire to start a new church, and (if married) your wife’s feelings about this new adventure.


  • Send us your resume including references, audio or video copies of sermons/teaching, and a completed pre-assessment forms & profiles.
  • Review and complete the Church Planting Covenant
  • Consider – are there people that may want be a part of your team, to follow your vision and help start a new church?


  • A Behavioral Assessment will be completed by a RMD Assessment Team. The team will provide all candidates with a written review of the assessment interview with suggestions for possible next steps. This review will include specific recommendations for next steps toward seeing the candidate’s vision realized. A permission form will need to be signed so the final written assessment can shared with others.
  • A final interview will be completed with the RMD Church Planting Team, the RMD Superintendent (if available) or the Director of Church Planting & Development. The planter will be presented the final review of his behavioral assessment and recommendations.
  • After final acceptance the candidate will receive a letter of call to begin a church plant project under the oversight of the RMD Church Planting Team. At this time it would be important to send a letter out to friends, family and previous people you may have served to begin to bring together a prayer team of 100 people. This an excellent opportunity to begin to cast vision for what the Lord may be doing in the planter’s life.
  • If the planter is doing a residency he will be connected with the residency church and go through the process they have designed for bringing on a church planting resident.


  • If not already credentialed (licensed or ordained), the planter will need to begin the licensing process.  The preparing of a doctrinal paper for the licensing council must be completed before anyone begins their ministry.  The 3 year license leading to ordination is suggested and encouraged for each planter.  The licensing council will be scheduled once the RMD Ministerial Team leader has received all the papers and referrals necessary to call a council. The credentialing files can be found at


  • The planter will be assigned a church planting coach.
  • The church planter will be encouraged to attend the next Boot Camp.