What Is The History of Your Church?

What’s Your Church’s History?

How well do you know the history of your church? How about her origin? Or should I say, “How was she planted?”

We can describe the origin of your church into one of the following three general categories….

Planter Initiated Plant – these churches are planted by a pastor/planter and a group of people he gathers to this new vision.

Lay Plant – these churches are planted by a group of lay people who later call a pastor to lead and shepherd them.

Sister/Daughter Plant – these churches are initiated by a church that senses God leading them to begin a new work.

I would love to learn the origin of each of our churches and plants in our district. If you know, please email and identify your church/plant and which of the three categories she falls under.

Now why is this relevant? Trends in planting reveal that the first two are becoming more and more difficult. That is why I am emphasizing the need for church planting churches! Churches that plant churches develop leaders quicker, provide for greater accountability and care, and have more resources.

I believe in this so much that I have requested and have been given permission to give 20% of my time to helping plant a church planting church in Fort Collins. As part of the DNA of this plant we will be operating a residency program for potential planters. (We haven’t yet begun and we have our first potential resident!) The vision is that we (and other RMD churches who share the same vision) will be raising up many of our next generation of planters who will be receiving hands on training and experience in beginning new works.

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Director of Church Planting & Development 719-510-9131



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