Shoulder to Shoulder

A Partner for Ministering To and Through the Men of Your Church


MEN ARE DANGEROUS – sometimes for good, sometimes for bad – but we are dangerous!As Christian men, one way to look at being dangerous goes something like this…

I want to walk so close to Jesus that I am a danger to the enemy!

Now that’s dangerous! Some men however, will opt for take the safe route, the route that doesn’t rock the boat,  the route that we can predict and control, the route that all to often leads to mediocrity and little to no impact for the Kingdom.

HERE’S YOUR CHANCE to sharpen your skills, get some major encouragement, and set the stage for IMPACT in your church and community. Join with other like minded men at the annual DANGEROUS MAN DAY Conference being held February 23rd at Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch, CO. Go to for more details. Men from my home church, Bethany EFC, Centennial, have been taking advantage of this conference for years and they keep coming back!


Kingdom Man by Tony Evans is a great read for yourself or use it and its study guide in a small group setting. Focus on the Family is placing a stronger emphasis on men and this book is part of that effort> Tony keeps it simple, to the point, and of course, challenging.  He focuses on three areas – the Formation of a Kingdom Man, the Foundation of a Kingdom Man, and the Function of a Kingdom Man.

HELP NEEDED – just a little please!

Even though I have been on the District Team for awhile, there are many churches that I have not yet been able to get the best contact information. With a simple e-mail, would you please send me the name, e-mail address, and phone number for the man responsible for the men’s ministry of your church. Be sure to put the church name and pastors name in the e-mail as well.

This help from you will let me get timely information into your hands and to make me available to assist you in any ways possible. Thank You for your help in this matter.

Gary Bateman  –    Men’s Ministry Consultant


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