Pastor Jason Newby – Good Samaritan!

Pastor Jason Newby, our youth Pastor at the Evangelical Free Church in Eaton, Colorado stopped behind a tanker that crashed into another disabled semi tractor on the shoulder of a highway in Mullhall, OK. on Good Friday, April 4. He immediately without concern for his own safety attempted to rescue the driver of the tanker.

The heat from a fire in the incident was too intense and Pastor Jason was not able to rescue the driver. While trying to back away the tanker exploded. Jason was hit in his leg by flying debris severely injuring his leg, neck and head.

Pastor Jason was med evacuated to a nearby hospital where he underwent surgery, losing a couple of inches in his femur.  A metal rod was inserted and his flesh wounds are severe.

As Newby was attempting to help one of the drivers, a truck exploded. Newby suffered serious injuries to his leg, neck and head during the explosion.

By God’s grace another witness who is a combat medic stopped and assisted Jason after being thrown 30-40 feet by the explosion. Jason attributes the first response from the medic as saving his life by packing the open wound on his leg and applying a tourniquet.

Senior Pastor Craig Kirkpatrick says Pastor Newby leads by example both as a youth pastor and as a pit pastor for Team Faith, a Christian motocross team that travels the country competing in events. Newby was driving motocross equipment back to Colorado when he answered the call to action.

“We talk about the responsibility of manhood to run towards the danger and to try to protect others and Jason has always had that kind of a spirit in him,” Kirkpatrick said

A GoFundMe site has been created to help the Newby family.


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