More Resources For Your Church

The Rocky Mountain District is a creation of the local churches for the purpose of resourcing the churches in our association. You have probably been aware that we assist our churches in cooperative church planting, consulting and training in leadership development, conflict intervention, organizational change, finances and stewardship, missions development and partnership, children and family ministry development, women in ministry training, student ministries, pastoral search assistance and so much more.*

There are now two more consultants available who as volunteers are part of the Rocky Mountain District team available to work with your church, your leadership, or assist you in developing ministries. Over the past year Karen Griffin has joined our team to assist churches with ministry to the maturing generation. As the Baby Boomers and older are a growing part of our culture, Karen is available to assist our churches in both reaching this generation as well as integrating them in ministry in our churches.

Gary Bateman has also joined our consulting team to redevelop a cooperative effort to build men’s ministry in our district cooperatively as well as work with individual churches to assist them in growing men’s ministries. Gary has been very active in Colorado with interdenominational Men’s Ministry training and conferences. We welcome Gary as a dedicated coworker and contributor to our district churches.


How is your church doing with evangelism?

Are you experiencing at least 10% conversion growth?

If not, our Fall Summit on September 15 in Colorado and September 17 in South Dakota is designed to equip pastors, leaders and believers in being disciples of our Lord who, through some very basic Christian principles and practices, effortlessly experience opportunities to share their faith. Information on this one day training is inside this newsletter and can also be found at (Click on the rotating banner titled “Fork In The Road.”


Thank you for the ongoing opportunity to serve you, your church and our kingdom effort.



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