Men’s Ministry – A Unique Perspective

Let me introduce myself. I am Gary Bateman, the newly appointed Ministry to Men coach for the RMD. Notice I said “Ministry to Men” rather than men’s ministry. It doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as nice but it says a lot about perspective. Let me ask you a couple of questions.

How many men are there in your church?

How many men are there in your men’s ministry?

If your count is different or if the second response is zero you’re thinking “men’s ministry”. If your counts were the same, you’re thinking “ministry to men.” Pastors and leaders minister men all the time – it’s just that we don’t always do it intentionally or in a context that speaks to the uniquely masculine side of guys.

Ask yourself,

“What do we need to do to create and maintain a healthy climate that speaks to that masculine side of men?”

An Intentional Approach
Jesus commands us to “go make disciples.” He had spent his three years of ministry doing just that but when he spoke those words, he made a revolutionary shift in dynamics. It was at that moment that the disciples transitioned from disciple to disciple-maker. In 2 Tim. 2:2, Paul encapsulates this principle when he tells Timothy to make disciples that can make disciples! How can we as do this very same thing?

Ask yourself,

“How can we further develop an intentional disciplemaking ministry to men in my church?”

A Kingdom Result

You’ve heard all the pessimistic statistics that usually start out with something like – “if we don’t reverse this (fill in the blank) trend, it’s all over.” While those predictions may be possible, when men, empowered by the Holy Spirit, come together to intentionally make disciples that make disciples, lives change! Men walk with their creator in a new way, families are changed, the church is built up and, the community is impacted for the Kingdom. A friend of mine uses this statement to describe his life mission – “changing the world one life at a time.” He teaches fifth grade in a mission school in Africa and he is seeing it happen!

Ask yourself,

“Who are those that God has entrusted to me in whom I could invest my life – and see those same Kingdom results that Paul saw in Timothy and in the “faithful men” that Timothy invested in?”


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