Driven or Led?

In Scripture you see Israel “driven out of Egypt,” but “led by a pillar of cloud.” One has a negative connotation and the other a positive implication. Would you rather be pushed by others in your ministry, or voluntarily following those who you know can offer health, maturity and spiritual strength?

Recently I had an encouraging conversation with a pastor in the Rocky Mountain District. He stated that he had come into our district out of a denomination where he was constantly being pushed by the denominational agendas and values. “You guys don’t do that,” he commented. “I see the district as wanting to encourage, coach, train and equip, not push their agendas.” This was affirming to me, as this is what our district hopes to do.

Scores of churches in our district have been resourced in 2012 by the ministry of the Rocky Mountain District as we have given guidance in pastoral and staff search processes, helped with interim pastoral supply, offered training and workshops in 12 different requested ministry areas, networked churches that had  common goals, goals they could not accomplish on their own.

I am doing all that I can to stay relevant in our conferences together. This past quarter we have had two opportunities that have helped many of our churches with contemporary issues. In September our Fall Summit topic was Church Security. So many of our churches are interested in being better equipped with safety measures as nationally we experience church shootings, child endangerment situations and other various safety challenges of our present culture. Following that conference I received several comments and written notes stating that actions taken from that conference offered protection in events that occurred just after some of the safety measures were taken.

In October during the national and state election many of our pastors and wives were gathered together praying, worshiping and focusing our hearts, minds and lives on the Lord at the Annual Fall Getaway. It was such a rich and encouraging atmosphere for us during a very tense and stressful season. We all came away refreshed and better prepared to serve our churches in the holiday season.

As we spend the rest of this month celebrating the gift of eternal life given to us from a sovereign and gracious heavenly father I trust it will be a season of health, joy and hope in all of our churches. As we move into 2013 my desire is that every church in our association know that your district is here to serve, encourage and lead you for ongoing and increased spiritual health.

Dr. Gregory Fell  –  Your District Superintendent



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