Don’t Look Now But Disciple Making is Cool Again!

Truly never out of fashion is Christ’s mission for the Church—to make disciples of all nations. However, the Church in the US has often lost focus on the big picture and overemphasized one aspect of disciple making or even a secondary issue. However, the importance of making disciples is alive and well in the RMD. Just to illustrate, consider the RMD  Women In Ministry training event in March (see page 7) and it’s emphasis on learning about and implementing a disciple making pathway , and the 3DM ( 3-day training event hosted by Denver Community Church (an EFCA church) and attended by several RMD church planters and established church pastors. Lastly, at a recent meeting with one of our pastors he said they wanted to start thinking/planning about the possibility of church planting since healthy, growing churches naturally reproduce. I couldn’t agree more!

And that’s why we have made a subtle shift in our church planting strategy. We want to move from being a district that plants churches to being a district of church planting churches! That is because churches that are effectively reaching lost people, building up believers, equipping the saints for the work of ministry, and multiplying leaders will naturally reproduce!

So here is my personal challenge to each one of you. A disciple making church is made up of disciple makers. This week, how will you intentionally invest in the people in your life, those people who do not yet know Christ, those who are still young in their faith, those who desire to be kingdom workers, and those whom God is called to lead others?

Greg Pugh

Director of Church Planting & Development 719-510-9131



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