District Vehicle For Sale

Our District Vehicle policy provides for replacement of our vehicles used by staff for travel on a regular basis, and for liquidation of the used vehicles at wholesale Kelly Blue Book values. Our vehicles are maintained according to manufacturers schedules. Though they are high mileage when liquidated, these are mostly highway miles.

Because we use Toyotas, it is believed about half the life of the vehicle is still available, but we do not want to operate them beyond their current mileage. The staff has the option of buying the vehicle from the district, making it available to open market, or trading it in on the replacement vehicle.

Around November 1, 2018, the current 2015 Toyota Highlander will be liquidated. As of 9/18/18 it has 154000 miles, and will be driven until sold, or traded in mid October. It Has new tires and a new windshield as of 9/3/18.

It has been averaging 24-27 MPG highway. City is not known, as it is driven primarily on highway.

Here is a pdf of the Window Sticker, with all the statistics on the vehicle: Toyota

Here is a pdf of the Kelly Blue Book pricing as of 8/3/2018 : KBB

If you are interested, contact Gfell@rockymountaindistrict.org, 719-660-9001

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