District Superintendent Elect

District Superintendent Elect Search Update: Your RMD Search Team has identified a finalist to recommend as our District Superintendent Elect and on February 9th the District Leadership Team voted to recommend him to the RMD delegates at our upcoming Annual Conference. He is Pastor Barry Vegter who is currently serving an EFCA congregation in Wisconsin. 

Barry has been invited and accepted our invitation to attend our Annual Spring Conference which is scheduled for April 20-21 at Faith EFC in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Delegates to the conference will have the opportunity to hear from Barry during the Tuesday evening worship service and to participate in a time of Q&A that evening. There will be time for discussion and a vote will be taken as part of our Business Meeting on Wednesday morning.  A “bio” of Barry will be posted on our RMD website.  In addition, delegates who would like to get to know Barry better than will be possible during our Annual Conference are invited by Barry to contact him by calling his cell (920-948-5702) or by emailing him at pbvegter@gmail.com.

If affirmed by the delegates at the Annual Conference Barry will serve as our “District Superintendent Elect”.  The delegates at our 2019 Annual Conference voted for a period of “up to 24 months” during which our current Superintendent, Dr. Greg Fell, will work with the District Superintendent Elect.  This overlap period will allow time for Greg, who will continue to be the lead, to share his knowledge of the churches in the RMD, introduce the DS Elect to the Pastors of the District, and be a resource person.  

I would like to thank the members of our RMD Search Team for all the work they have done during this process: Todd Erlandson, Neil Magnuson, Ron Lee, Jake Merriman, & Rex Smithgall.

And thank you to those who have been praying for us during this process. Keep on praying for God’s will to be done — for the good of the churches in our RMD and for His glory!

Pastor Bruce W. Smalley, RMD Chairman

Pastor Barry Vegter Bio
Pastor Barry Theological Position

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