Connecting the Economy to Your Worship

The members of our Evangelical Free Churches are no different than everyone else in America when it comes to the economy. Many are unemployed, underemployed or have undergone pay cuts. Has this effected how you worship?

Our giving of tithes and offerings are as much a part of worship as prayer, singing or hearing the Word of God proclaimed. Scripture teaches that we are to give proportionally to our income and of our “first fruits,” not our left overs. A real test of both our faith in God as well as our commitment to Him is measured when our finances suffer. Are you still as committed to Him now as a couple of years ago in this area?

Many of the churches in our district are financially struggling because tithes and sacrificial giving has decreased. I encourage you to examine your heart and walk with the Lord in this area. Your community of faith depends on your faithfulness during these challenging times.

The Rocky Mountain District is also suffering at the present time. If you are faithfully giving to your church and also looking for additional ways to give sacrificially, please consider becoming a financial partner with our ministry. By doing so you will be supporting pastors, leadership, churches and church planting throughout the Rocky Mountain District. Tax deductible donations are always appreciated and can be sent to Becky Harrison, 601 Allis Ranch Rd., Sedalia, CO. 80135, payable to “RMD”


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