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Close or Celebrate?

Close or Celebrate?

Just two months ago I sat in a difficult meeting with Elders and our Pastor in Custer, South Dakota which ended in the Pastor resigning. Under these circumstances it usually takes a long time for the church to recover and call their next Pastor. The trajectory of this church was one that indicated it would […]

Metrics – Whose Do We Use?

Join us September 17 for our Fall Summit: Success - Whose Metrics Do We Use?

All pastors and church leaders want to know the answer to the question? Am a successful as a pastor? Am I making an impact?  We go to conferences and get discouraged by seemingly successful pastors when we compare their ministries to ours.  We also can become proud and confident that we are successful because we […]

High School Winter Retreat

High School Winter Retreat

High School Winter Retreat: Registration Information  October 16th-18th, 2015 costs & details: Students: base cost $140 ($65 deposit) Staff: cost $120 ($50 deposit)  location: Crooked Creek Ranch, Fraser, CO                     You must provide staff for your group – enough male staff for your male students, and enough female staff for your female students. ***Crooked […]

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You...

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Imagine losing your entire building on which there is millions of debt. And the loss is not insured. That is what happened a couple of years ago to Calvary EFC in Broomfield. The building was erected a few decades ago on bentonite, which is expansive soil. Through the years the shifting of the soil caused […]

Really Good News! Group Health Insura...

Really Good News! Group Health Insurance to EFC Churches

FCMM Benefits & Retirement, the church benefits organization of the EFCA, is pleased to announce access to group health insurance programs starting July 1, 2015. The highly respected health plans of GuideStone Financial Resources (the benefits board that serves Southern Baptist and other evangelical ministries) will be available to EFCA churches through an arrangement with FCMM. GuideStone […]

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