The Bible, Human Sexuality, Gender Dysphoria and Culture


In our present-day culture we are experiencing a moral-tsunami. One of the ways in which this is happening is in the realm of human sexuality. The notion of sex, gender and the fluidity of that is the accepted cultural narrative, especially as it relates to homosexuality and gender dysphoria. Those who affirm the Bible’s teaching and disagree with this cultural narrative are considered “cultural heretics.” It is important for us to know what the Bible says about this, how we think about this in the EFCA and how we respond with grace and truth, with convictional kindness.

We are privileged to have Dr. Greg Strand, executive director of theology and credentialing with the Evangelical Free Church of America back to speak, facilitate and train us this year.

Click Here for the Slides, Notes, and Links in Greg Strand’s Presentation.

All Video of this conference is available on the Rocky Mountain District YouTube Channel, RMD EFCA.