District Superintendent

Greg Fell serves as the Rocky Mountain District Superintendent and is committed to the support, equipping, counseling and coaching of pastors and staff,  training and equipping of church leaders, promoting interdependent relationships between the district churches, and safeguarding the spiritual purity of our churches and pastors.

Dr. Gregory Fell
15889 James Gate Place
Monument, CO 80132 719-660-9001


Director of Ethnic Planting and Partnering

Erik Valenzuela serves the Rocky Mountain District by strengthening our commitment to reach all people for Christ. His responsibilities include:
ETHNIC CHURCH PLANTING: the planting of ethnic churches through recruitment, assessment, training and coaching of ethnic planters,
ETHNIC CHURCH AFFILIATION: assisting established ethnic churches in affiliating with the EFCA, and
ETHNIC CHURCH PARTNERING: coaching churches interested in partnering with ethnic churches and plants through his first-hand experience.

Erik Valenzuela
19427 E Utah Pl Aurora, CO  80017-5527
720 771-7135

Administrative Assistant

Carol Fell works in the district office providing support for Greg and the district operations as well as care, encouragement and prayer for pastors’ wives.

Rocky Mountain District
15889 James Gate Place
Monument, CO. 80132 719-332-1955

Financial Secretary

Becky Harrison is the bookkeeper for the Rocky Mountain District handling all the accounting and receipting activities for the district and is available to answer any district related finance questions you might have.

Becky Harrison
601 Allis Ranch Road
Sedalia, CO. 80135 303-663-0034

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