Core Value 2

Providing resources for leadership training, development and networking

There are scores of workshops and seminars that are available to all of our member churches at no cost to the church. Several of these are listed under the training tab in the menu above. They fall under the general categories of discipleship, evangelism, leadership, counseling, stewardship, finance and church planting. The seminars and leadership workshops listed are only a sampling of the possibilities. They are meant to be idea starters.

Though many of these will be led by me, others will utilize the networking resources of our district churches. If a church needs some help in church planting, the District office is aware of who the experts in our association are, and will ask them to contribute their expertise. If the need is in children’s ministry, or Christian education, or whatever, we have a tremendous wealth of resources at our disposal because we are all a part of interdependent churches serving the Lord of Glory.

Many churches have used me in this capacity for leaders training workshops on weekday evenings or weekend formats, elders and leaders retreats, couples seminars, even all church retreats, for which I am thankful. I appreciate the confidence and trust that has been expressed, and hope in the future to be called upon often.

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